Operation and Maintenance


Factory-trained operators/technicians, specialized tools and equipment and complex craftsmen techniques are essential to the smooth operation of potable water supply systems. Midwest Hydro specialists can help you with cost saving O & M projects to ensure proper mechanical operations so you can concentrate on your daily primary business.


Operations Management – Midwest Hydro can design monitoring control systems that regularly measure and record water system data. Management personnel can evaluate and apply the data to help with system management. Technicians can train your personnel on operation management in the field.


Preventative Maintenance – Predictive scheduled service programs are tailored to fit each of your specific system needs – initial and Annual Inspection, Repacking, Pumping Tests, Electrical Breaker Seasoning, Oil Changes, Periodic Pump Inspection and Overhauls, Detailed Maintenance Records.


Pump Repair – Standard and 24-hour Emergency Service: fastest access to large regional distribution system of submersible and vertical turbine pumps. Bowl Assembly Repair in our new state-of-the-art shop with 3-phase Jib Cranes making unloading, disassembly, inspection and repair and rebuilding top priority.


Well Rehabilitation Techniques – Older wells may experience a drop in capacity or water quality. Midwest Hydro performs analysis and restoration to improve the well and return it to service. Services include Pump Tests, Water Analysis (Complete Chemical Analysis, Bacteria, Radio-Nucleide, Solids, etc.), also Downhole Video Camera Inspection, Chemical Treatment, Chlorination, Recasing and Reconstruction Procedures.