Design & Construction of Water Facilities:


Midwest Hydro Drilling & Service, Inc. offers a complete range of services for the professional design and construction of high-volume municipal, PWSD, industrial, Golf course and agricultural irrigation systems. Services include: Drilling Technologies – a complete array of methods and equipment to accommodate most conditions in the Midwest.


Midwest Hydro’s extensive drilling experience make us qualified to solve your needs – Air Rotary, Mud Rotary, Reverse Rotary, L.D. Bucket, Cable Tool; Well Construction and Development – Wells constructed for maximum efficiency and productivity according to your plans and specifications, as well as individual needs; Test Hole Drilling, Well Casing and Screen Selection, Grout Sealing, Gravel Packing, Well Development and Hydrologic Testing.


Midwest Hydro’s specialists are professionally trained and have decades of experience with Pump Specifications and Installation – Pumps, Motors, Cable and Selected Top Quality Equipment; Vertical Turbines, Submersibles, Short Coupled Pumps, Horizontal Centrifical Pumps.


Turn-key experienced professionals at Midwest Hydro help you in Water Distribution Systems – Pump House Construction, Booster Pump Stations (Golf Courses – Flownet Service Contractors), Telemetry Systems, Piping Systems and Site Utilizations.


Addition and Modification to Existing Facilities – System Upgrades, Expansion for Water Protection, Rehabilitation and DNR Certified Abandonment of Old Wells.