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Midwest Hydro Drilling & Service, Inc. provides a full range of services for the development of high quality water supply systems. Professional services include Groundwater Exploration & Development, Groundwater System Protection & Management, and Water System Rehabilitation.

Midwest Hydro Drilling & Service, Inc. was renamed in 1986 when the current owners, Verne and Phil Luther, bought the operation formerly known as Clark and Sons Drilling.  Originally founded in 1930, it is a company dedicated to providing the professional hands-on expertise regarding drilling, development, protection, pump service, and management of groundwater resources that all clients continually need.  Verne began his career in the field in 1947 and Phil began his career in the field in 1971.  Additional family members are in both the Company and Field Management adding stability and decades of professional experience to individual or packaged, turn-key projects. 

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